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Blastclean Systems Privet Limited A company created to prevent corrosion, by a small group of highly experienced professionals in the field of surface preparation and coatings. In today’s competitive and ever demanding market, the formula for success includes effective utilisation of latest technology for best results at lowest cost and by providing expert and timely services. At Blastclean Systems we believe in this and trying to give one point solutions to all your needs of surface preparation and painting which includes from equipment design to complete operations & maintenance. Blastclean Systems have its own well experienced team of engineers who can suggest what type of equipment and process can give best results with most cost effective methods. The blasting technology is a process of hurling abrasives at high velocity at the job to clean the job from all impurities and to create an anchor profile. This looks pretty simple but in the world of shot blasting equipment’s, simple does not mean maintenance free considering shot blasting equipment’s are self-destructive equipment’s. This is where the team of Blastclean Systems will play a vital role in installing, operating and maintaining the machines with minimal running cost. Who we are? The firm was started with the name “Blast Clean Protect Engineering & Consultants” and commenced operations with a team of 22 employees. The objective at that time was to provide expert services to our esteemed Clients. Considering the demand for professional equipment suppliers in the market, in FEB- 2014 “BLASTCLEAN SYSTEMS PRIVET LIMITED” was formed with an idea to utilise our vast hands-on experience in this filed. Today we are a team of 240 plus working with our esteemed clients at different parts of India. It is our experience and dedication that our clients have come to know and expects us to render our services. We have our senior staff with NACE certified coating Inspectors certification and can provide Coating Inspection& certification and consultancy services. Blastclean’s objective is to excel in all aspects of the Corrosion Control industry including, designing equipment’s with latest technology, high quality workmanship, and zero harm to the health and safety of all employees, clients, contractors, suppliers and the community as well as the environment in which we work and live. We pride ourselves in achieving superior customer service through reliable services within time frames and with cost effective methods to compete in ever demanding market. Within a short period in business, we have established excellent relationships with our client’s, suppliers, Consultants &inspection authorities.
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